Geeks unite! (Disclaimer: just this post and this one only, this excludes me…)

Ok, so what I’ll be blabbing on about is probably so “yesterday” but there was recently this whole craze about the launch of the new iPhone watch. It’s supposed to be a more compact version of the iPhone but it’s a lot more special because you wear it like a watch… Humour me! Then there’s also the new iPhone 6 which is a bigger and better version of the original iPhone. I can almost imagine it being the more ‘roided up version of the iPhone at the gym pumping up weights and putting Johnny Bravo to shame. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if a new iPhone will be rolled out again to the public just as I finish typing up this blog… Is it just me or are phones changing as frequently as I change my mind?

I don’t know how it works in other countries, but in Australia, you’re barely halfway into your 24-month mobile phone contract then it’s time to update again. It’s madness! At this rate, it’s almost guaranteed that mobile phone companies will send us all broke just by updating our phones every time a new one comes out. Well, all the people that get sucked in anyway… That or they’ll send your self-esteem broken because you didn’t update.

The way I think of it:

Gadget companies/Banks/Phone & Internet service providers = grinning from ear to ear

Credit cards/Landfills/YOU = crumbling under the pressure…

The pressure to be in. To be cool. To have the latest thing that will capture your selfie-ready and picture-perfect lives.

I suppose for other people, it’s more important to Instagram their latest flashy gadget than to actually watch their budget. Truthfully though, how many of the 1 million apps do people actually need/use? Ah, this is working me right up… Let me roll up my sleeves, smell the flowers and relax a little…

Me personally, if a new phone doesn’t double-function as a washing machine, chances are I’ll stick with the same old one until it dies. Or I can always use a landline, or whatever payphone’s left standing. After all, a mobile phone is supposed to be something to call or text message with. If the 4G fails, I still have a computer. And if the “COMPUTER SAYS NO”, then I could always just sit myself in front of the TV to watch Little Britain. At least that’s genuinely amusing. Problem solved.

If all else fails, how about we go back to the traditional fail-safe way of knocking on someone’s door and having a proper conversation with them? The face-to-face kind, you know? Certainly something to think about…


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