Hey, mate!

Firstly, let me pat you on the back for your hardwork, discipline and thoughtfulness. I know it is exhausting always giving your endeavours your all. Your time is often scarce but somehow, you still manage to get a lot done. I can see from the shadows around your eyes, from the slurring of your words, the lethargy in your movement and the fog you meander in that despite all the triumphs, deep inside you still struggle. The blankness of your stare tells me that just because you’re constantly surrounded by people and you’re fiercely independent doesn’t mean that you don’t feel lonely and you don’t need someone to hold your hand.

Someday, you will revel in the fruit of your labour. But with that also comes regret. Maybe you’ll find you’ll acquire a lot of regrets. So don’t be scared to slow down and you might just come across something wonderful you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Don’t hesitate to fall in love again because there is a special someone out there who will make your heart beat differently. Trust that one day you’ll regain your weekends again, cook more and learn to sew. Just trust.

Last but not the least, look after your wellbeing. Stay healthy and be happy. Live. All the hardwork is for nothing if you can’t enjoy them to their fullest and share them. That’s right: SHARE your blessings because that’s where the real reward awaits.

In the meantime, be strong and do not forget to smell the roses.


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