Guten Tag, lovelies! I’m back and couldn’t feel anymore alive!

To start with, I’ve been bopping and high-kicking to “Wrapped Up” by Olly Murs. Catchy tune, right?! But let’s get real here and focus on the lyrics… “Don’t ever stop controlling me…”

Don’t ever stop controlling me….???

It’s like a girl telling a guy to “don’t stop being lazy”… No offence to the lovesick person who wrote this but “don’t ever stop controlling me” is something no man said. EVER. Agree?

Since we’re on the topic of music, I must say David Garrett, his band & Neue Frankfurt Philharmonic blew me away in Duesseldorf last week. I couldn’t have asked for a better performance, more variety and more fun. Just perfect! A little knowledge of German really helped so thank you heaps, N!!

My European whirl finally wrapped up and it was such a bittersweet experience. Amazing sights, incredible history, unbelievably tangible remnants of the past… It’s certainly what dreams are made of…

I did my grocery shopping today. And as I unloaded the stuff out of the boot, I suddenly dreaded walking back up to my apartment because I remembered the hot and charming porters at Intercon in Duesseldorf (shoutout to Florian & Thomas) who willingly looked after our baggage. I miss the convenience of the lifts, I miss the strong and comforting blast of the hotel shower, the tree-lined street split in two by a mini-river, I even miss the bigger Rhine River… The crisp breeze. The smell of fall. I miss everything about it.

Then something in me snapped. I’m back to reality. I have to be determined, motivated. I have to problem-solve, put up with my pathetic shower. I need to charge up my stairs. Not once, but 3 times today. I have to put up the Christmas tree, deal with the banks soon, dentist, doctor, blah blah blah. And in a couple of days, I go back to work, too. But you know what, this is exactly why I feel human. I dream. I try. I do. I fall. I thrive. I am content. I am happy.  I AM home.


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