Good day from the Queen! (read: Greetings from rainy and dreary London…)

It’s been a long time and I know, you’re probably thinking… “Surely there could be other things more exciting than wet and grey London?”

I may sound quite negative considering I’m on holidays at the moment. Just bear with me because I’ll come around eventually, I promise. Just when I thought I can’t push my body (and sanity) to the limit any further, I’m now typing away half-asleep. My travel partner (meine Mutter =) and myself just survived almost an entire day of agonising and sleepless flights to get here. I love Europe, don’t get me wrong, but the deal breaker is the journey here and back. Here are some of the things we had to endure:

Smell of strong aftershave

Morning breath

Not enough legroom

Seats stuck to upright position


My nose clogging up from the air-conditioning

Food coming out just as you fall asleep

Another one that we haven’t experienced in this journey but I definitely have in the past:

Someone taking off their shoes only to stink out the whole plane… Are they for flippin’ real??

Like plane food and motion sickness weren’t bad enough, the smell of dirty socks nearly knocked me out of my wits when it hit…

The indignities of Economy… I know what class I’ll be getting next time…

Bear with me as I’m almost done gasbagging…

No actually, I’m done.

Because I can finally relax now, then tomorrow, we can start to enjoy what we came here for, albeit for a short time only.

London is such a beautiful place. Wish we were here longer than barely 2 nights and 2 days… We’ll try to fit as much as we can tomorrow so stay (s)tun(n)ed!!


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