The seemingly little things I’m hugely grateful for today

1) I brought in home-cooked food to work: YUM + SAVINGS = DOUBLE YES!

2) I have home-cooked food to last a week (thanks, Mum!)

3) I realised my job keeps me disciplined

4) The conversation I had with a colleague today was positive and actually entailed substance, which is very rare these days…

5) The rain stopped as I walked to the car park

6) I drove next to a dog’s head sticking out of a car window for about 5 metres

7) The retiree in the next building said hi as I hopped out of the car.

So there 🙂 Little things that put a lot of smiles on my face today. May not seem like much. But in this day and age of high expectations, gratitude for the tiniest things is such a revolutionary act. Think about it: every breath is a blessing. And for that alone we should be thankful. Everything else is just a bonus. So the next time you whine about public transport being too packed on your way to work or you complain about a report deadline, just be thankful you have a job that pays the bills. Tweak your mindset for a more positive outlook and everything else, well most things, will fall right into place. It’s difficult but it works 😉 Trust me, I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been there and done just that and I’m never (ever) looking back.


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