Woo hoo! When I feel heavy metal, woo hoo! And I’m pins and I’m needles…

Who remembers this song? *Me, me!* Oh?! We’re off to a good start…

Who remembers the words to this song? *Me, me!* Oh, you too? We’re doing very well.

Who remembers the band behind this song? *Me, me!* Oh, you too? Now it’s getting easier to gauge the age group of the people answering “YES” to my questions!



Proof that we’ll catch on to a catchy tune regardless of whether we know what it’s about or not. Song 2 by Blur took the music world by storm in the late 90’s and man, did we bang our (clueless) heads to it! If you listen carefully though, you will find that the lyrics don’t really make sense… And it’s not about fear of getting on jumbo jets! The lyrics’ lack of cohesion actually makes me wonder if the listeners were getting punked by Blur. Maybe that’s what the song title should have been: “Punked”. At least the band’s name, Blur, was very fitting…

This leads me to believe that, as humans, we have a tendency to adhere to the “cool”. But what is “cool”? Just because it’s cool doesn’t mean it has substance. And it’s very rare for something/someone to stay cool forever – except, of course, if you’re Jon Bon Jovi or Jesus – so we jump from one cool concept to another. Do we even realise what we still stand for? What you’re about as an individual? If you like rocking on and find electric guitar riffs riveting, then Song 2 is for you. For everyone else who were caught off-guard by this post, I encourage you to look up the meaning of this song, and reflect on the meaning of your choices.

Have a good one!


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