I have strong feelers for fillers…

Yea, no, yea, no, yea, um, like, you know…

No, I don’t actually!

Who else hates fillers? *me me!!*

No to be confused with dermal fillers, which really frightens me. In all seriousness though, who wants to look permanently frightened? Clearly tens of thousands but more clearly – NOT me!

Also not to be confused with fillings, although I hate those too and I have so many! I blame the siren song of candies! But I digress…

Have you ever spoken to someone who you thought might make sense until they lose you at a million “yeas” “basicallys” and “uuuuuums”? I certainly have. Quite frequently, in fact.

Fillers are for the grammatically challenged who cannot, like, string, um, a sentence together, you know? Come on, humans! Surely you do not need to think very hard about preceding the article “a” with an “um”. What’s so difficult about uttering “a” that you have to insert “um” before it to fool us into believing that you are actually thinking when a short pause would have sufficed, you know?

You know?

This expression has become so common that it almost makes me wonder if it actually still means what the words intend to mean. I don’t know, you know? Do you know? Yea? No? Yea, no… I give up! I’m not bipolar in case you ask…

Ps: I mean um-ums yeas and nos in moderation is ok. What irks me is someone uttering a whole sentence of fillers… Hopefully I didn’t cross or confuse people…


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