The blind date that hasn’t actually happened yet but almost did…

… oh the cardiac arrest coming!

I swear, the people at work need to stop acting like kids in a playground. We’re adults, people!

To the match-maker: Please, if I really MUST meet this guy, give me some sort of warning and not ambush me as I walk into the mealroom, not knowing if this “certain” guy is standing next to me or not… This only pushes me away further so before I lose my patience and ignore you completely, kindly have the decency to execute your plan in a more private setting away from eyes that have nothing to with this.

To the guy: At the risk of baring my soul on social media, you don’t sound bad at all to be honest. So if you are indeed interested and before someone ruins your chances, I hope you would at least smile at me (that and so I know what you look like! I’m still in the dark about that!)

Imagine if these two actually read this… LoL



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