High! It’s that time again for that ginormous blog post. Remember, enjoy, like and share the word ;-)

My, oh my, it’s been ages since my last post. Anyway, have fun with my blog update if you have a spare half hour or so…

Ben Hope: Top Bloke
I don’t mean to sell anything but I just have to let you all know how much I enjoy the Ben Hope series of novels by Scott Mariani. One day, I hope (no pun intended) to marry someone like Ben – sensitive, pensive, attentive, perceptive, offensive (in a combat situation that is!)… If you like Jason Bourne, James Bond and Robert Langdon, then Ben Hope is all of those and more. Just imagine the safety and security for life!! I think I’m in love already, however fictitious he is!!

David Garrett: Ice Bucket
Meanwhile, my other boyfriend David Garrett is currently holidaying in Mexico and has finally realised that it’s high time he also did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but in true David Garrett fashion – while playing the violin. Yay David! Has anyone else noticed that pretty much anyone and everyone has been doing this challenge? Maybe your cousin? How about your teacher? Kim K kray-kray? Your long lost lover? Maybe you just heard the dog next door let out a squeaky yelp because it just got bucketed down with ice as well? The poor thing… I heard even Kermit the Frog has done it… In any case, ALS Association has a lot of people to send thank-you cards to. I simply hope the $$$ actually go to the people that need it.

Holiday: 6 Weeks Away
I must say I am still truly swamped with stuff, which is why I’ve been finding it hard to find time to post but I try. And to think Europe is looming ever closer makes me even more anxious and excited at the same time… Reading has been my sole escape lately, and soon an Etihad flight will be my chosen vessel for escape. Fingers crossed no more terrorist encounter this time… Also thinking about a short trip to the Maldives, perhaps early next year…? Would anyone want to volunteer as my travel partner??

Final note…
So that is all the update in my neck of the woods at the moment. I mean, I can bog you down with boring bits such as investments, work, negative people, etc but I’d rather not. Maybe when I run out of stuff to write…


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