“Is it ok if I stalk you, I just want to make sure you’re ok, and behaving while I am away…” 3pod


Material from my fave musical comedy trio is getting more and more sparse. But their old stuff is getting more and more special. Special in a nostalgic sense. Almost 10 years ago now, that’s when I got hooked. Here’s a link for the “Stalker Song” for your own personal amusement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxwNIyJ2mDM&list=PL832B9D4C11D6EAC3


When this song actually rings true as it does with me, it can get really creepy… And people at work wonder why I have a tendency to close myself off to men – because one creep ruins it for everybody. Just a word of advice, if you can help yourself: Never EVER stalk a girl because chances are a) she’ll notice; b) she’ll think you’re an arse; c) she’ll say NO; or c) all of the above…


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