Oh-Em-Gee So Busy!

I recently had to pull my head in and drum some sense into it. A realisation dawned on me while I was out with a friend that my wild spending habits have been eating way too much into my savings and that is clearly unacceptable. The lollipop man is now out with a massive sign saying “STOP”. I wish he was nicer and held up “SLOW DOWN” instead so it wouldn’t have been such a shock to the system. Just imagine – BFF’s with your credit card and shop assistants one day, and completely ignoring them the next… How would you feel?
So anyway, all the plastic swipes at the counter had to suddenly stop. And with that comes the responsibility of actually sticking to my discipline with military precision. And with that come a few phone calls to a few people that can put measures in place so I, in fact, do what I said I’d do. And with that come paperworks that need to be filled in and emailed through to those people. And with that come moments when I get lost in the fog and don’t even know what day it is… And in the midst of all that is work, eat, sleep, clean house, laundry, blog, property research, homework, etc… Homework – last time I did homework, my head hurt so bad that I almost threw my brains up… And lurking around somewhere still are social commitments, medical appointments, travel arrangements and more, more, more!! Where does it end? Hopefully I get a nice break soon. Europe beckons…


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