Dealing with the dizzying heights of success…

Oops, I meant “dealing with the dizzying heights of your top-floor apartment”… Success just seems to roll off the tongue a lot easier. PLUS it’s quicker to type in because it has less letters… Hm, excuses, excuses!!

So who needs a gym when you have your own 100-step workout machine right outside your door? Like literally? And that’s just one way. Oh, and no lift?? Imagine having both your laundry and storage all the way on the ground level? Or perhaps having to carry 3-4 batches of groceries up to your lofty haven… Now imagine doing 3 loads of laundry, your grocery shopping and storage arrangements all in one day… Oh this one’s better! Imagine having to move everything out when you finally do decide to move out… I had to pay the removalists extra when they moved me in because one of them nearly died of exhaustion from the stairs… True story.
Any of you had/going through the same experience? How long did you last…?


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