Intimidating? Me?? REALLY??? Get lost!

Whoever seriously thinks I am like this or even exude this aura should be shot! Sorry to the girl that mentioned it, opinion or not, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Not many people know me to the bones, but I know me. And I will never ever purposely act standoffish, snobby or “intimidating” unless someone out there spooks me out. And believe me, there are plenty of those people these days. Just walk into our meal room at Central and it suddenly feels that you’re surrounded by serial killers… That or hungry feral bears. I don’t know. I suppose it’s more of a defence mechanism for me if anything. So I have to admit that your remark “Corinne, I reckon you’re single because guys are intimidated by you” is absolute garbage! I am 5’3” in stature, 50kgs, smile is my uniform but I wear my heart and my mind on my sleeve. Though I still try to entail tact in my expression because I want to be a civilized citizen of this society. I am also persistent and have a constant itch to achieve a lot of things in life – big and small. What is so intimidating about that? Whatever happened to honesty and drive? Fine qualities that are well on their way to extinction perhaps? Maybe my other friend is right: “Corinne, you just need to get out more”. Maybe I will and I might just find like-minded people who won’t find me intimidating and might actually think I’m pleasant company…


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