Compliments, assumptions and other drugs…


When compliments lead to all the wrong assumptions…

Why do people always assume that just because I say a guy’s hot that I want to be that guy’s wife?
Me: “Oh, Germany’s goalkeeper is hot!”
Other guy: “But Corinne, Manuel Neuer is 6ft 6 or something and you’re so much shorter than him. How’s that going to work…? What’s wrong with shorter athletes?”
Me: “What has to work…?”
Frankly, I don’t get it! Though the idea of being Neuer’s partner makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, don’t people realise what chance I have of being a WAG…? Have some sense, people! Maybe these days, giving compliments makes people read too much into it. No need to try too hard because that’s all it was: just a pure, honest compliment. No subtext intended. Maybe it’s time we did more of it.

Manuel Neuer, if you ever come across this, do realise that I will never EVER force you to marry me. Unless you want to 😉

Oh and since we’re on the subject of Neuer and football, I’m barracking for Germany to take the cake at the finals!


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