Proof that Music breaks all barriers…

Please check out the amazing Yoon Seo. He is a Korean boy wowing the world with his amazing gift. Let me point out that he is only a child. His second home is a wheelchair. And he is also blind. So if his talent is good enough for one of today’s musical maestros, then it’s good enough for me 🙂


Weekly wrap-up

Good news or bad news? Ok let’s start with the good news.

3 days off, woo hoo! I’ve recovered from the bug, which is awesome! My afternoon shift is now done and over with, though I still feel like I’m in a zombie-like state. Not hungry for humans though which is quite strange.

“Dear Rosters,

If you can hear me telepathically, please never give me afternoon shifts again. EVER. A little mercy would be nice, then I might just do more overtime shifts for you. Give and take, right? RIGHT??

Your once-favourite Transporter at NSYD.”

Bad news… well, stayed up pretty late last night to watch the World Cup match between Deutschland and Frankreich, only for me to find out that I don’t have reception of the only channel that broadcasts the damn thing! I do have every freaking shopping channel, but no SBS! I felt like smashing the TV, I was all caffeined-up as well. This was 2am.

This week was also M’s last Deutsch tutoring with us. We’ve bonded very well and we’re very sad to see her go. But she’s off to Germany soon where she’ll apply what she’s learnt and in that sense, I’m happy for her. N and I will miss you, M. Greatly!

That’s all for now, folks! Methinks…

Til next time!


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