When a blind date feels “oh so right” but is in fact, so horribly wrong…

Recently, I have been repeatedly badgered by a very nice friend of mine, no names necessary, to date this guy who I’ve never met before but we do apparently work with him. It’s still a big world afterall! Just how I like it. So anyway, my very nice friend has been very keen for us to meet as he is apparently interested. I say “apparently” because who knows, this could all be just made up shit! I bet the word “apparently” is going to appear quite a few times in this post… I saw her this morning and she possessed the same keenness and excitement (just like the last time I saw her) about the blind date she’s setting up, to which I politely responded, “if only you weren’t married…”

Don’t get me wrong. On paper, everything looks good (apparently):

–          Musician

–          Earns good $

–          He’s kinda cute

–          Tall

–          He’s “very” nice, apparently

So what’s my problem?? Because anyone could almost fan-girl over this admirable list of qualities presented before us… Besides the “apparently” bits…

My only concern is, we do work with him and that is, in my humble opinion, a very very close degree of separation. Too close for comfort in fact that I almost feel a panic attack coming on everytime I see my giddy friend, let alone seeing this guy. I also have been stung before by the whole integration of personal and professional lives. Especially after the break-up and beyond, trust me, it’s very difficult to be “old news”. In my experience, men are actually worse when it comes to embedding gossip in their minds. It seems to go to the grave with them. With women, there seems to be new gossip everyday so the old ones get shelved and are soon forgotten.

On a lighter note, being single is actually cool. I’m currently having the time of my life! You should try it!

Rock on!



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