Weekly wrap up

Never tell anyone you rarely get sick or you might just jinx yourself and contract the mother of all bugs.

Winter is a beautiful season. There’s snow, nights snuggled in front of the heater and TV, endless choices in winter fashion, winter markets, no flies, hot chocolate… But behind this beauty is also a poison. A poison so nasty it’ll have you barking like a dog and snorting like a pig. If you’re a female, this could have your voice easily mistaken for a man’s. If you’re a male, you could easily be mistaken for Tom Waits. It’s when talking not only grates on your voice box but also grates on your nerves because it’s just too bloody painful to talk. The worst part is, your trusting nature wanes to nothingness as you never know who the vessel is of this contagion. Is it the studly looking guy you work with? The cleaner who dives into rubbish bins? Or the immaculately presented supervisor who never puts a heel wrong? All different and unsuspecting people, all highly capable of unleashing havoc into your winter fantasy. However, like a kiss from a prince, there is an antidote – thousands actually. But browsing through the pharmacy shelves is enough to give you a headspin. Not getting sick is a good thing. But the downside is when you get sick again, you somewhat forget how to maintain grace in a social situation. I think, the only remedy is to cancel all social affairs, hole up under blankets and rest that sweet little head of yours. Stuff grace! Bark and blow your nose all you want. THAT is my cure. Oh and David Garrett, of course lol. Rock on!

“So are you sick?”

Glad you asked. Yes, I am hopelessly sick with the flu but still managed to not chuck a sickie to work and meet up with an old friend. I’m the worst offender when it comes to resting and yes, I may just spread the bug and ruin your winter so avoid me at all cost! Although, I was rational enough to cancel 2 social commitments this week. Hoorah to common sense!


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