The current bug at work: FIFA World Cup Fever!

Halfway through my job, whew! I can finally sit down, have a cup of double shot “intense” Black tea, no milk, no sugar, and have my gluten-free cake with it. I walk into the meal room, and nobody says hi. How rude! I motion to where they’re gawking at. The TV camera zooms in on a penalty shot. Everyone looks seriously still and quiet, like a crocodile about to pounce on some clueless backpacker out in Darwin. Number 15 strikes the ball to the left, with enough pretense to mislead the goalkeeper, and with enough intensity so there’s no way the goalkeeper could backpedal to block it. After that remarkable goal, cheers, c’mons and fist pumps erupt instantly! Because the score now is AUS 2 – 2 NED. Australia eventually lost to the Netherlands in the end but did so with dignity and aptitude. And I couldn’t have been more proud because that number 15, my friends, is the captain of the Australian soccer team. Number 15 is Mile Jedinak. Or Michael as we used to call him “Used to call”… We happened to be in the same homeroom/tutor class for 3 years. And I remember my friend at the time always pestering me to call Michael on her behalf. And to drive around his house and stalk him. Thank goodness that girl didn’t end up with him, with all that creepy shit she was up to. Last time I heard, Michael has a beautiful wife and a young family now and he seems happy, so I am happy for him, too. I hope he still remembers where he came from. And I hope he still remembers me, but not for all the wrong reasons lol!

Please share your claim to fame, big or small 😀


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