When inspiration strikes…

Has someone visited you lately? Someone you’ve always wanted to stay but hardly ever comes around? That someone who will make you smile, make it worth your while, make you make the most of it, make your day. Though that someone will make you work and will not make you sleep. That someone could be a he, a she, or a thing… In my case, it is a thing. Something. An idea that lingers and probes my brain to keep thinking. It is, yes, welcome. It is, however, also a pain I must admit. I love my sleep and this idea, this visitor, just refuses to leave. If I let it go, who knows when I’ll see it again. If I let it stay, who knows how long it will be around…

So rise and shine, and seize the moment. Because when inspiration strikes, it strikes hard and you don’t take it for granted…



A little bit more on the upcoming project. The wheels have started turning slowly but ever so surely. All I can do now is keep working at it, give it my best and cross my fingers…


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